Sichenia carries out a rigorous selection of suppliers who provide certified natural raw materials and clay from quarries that are subject to precautionary and recovery processes as established by relevant laws.
Sichenia also uses only lead-free glazes and, via the department responsible for their preparation, scrupulous checks are carried out to establish that there is no type of radioactivity. Most of the production is colored porcelain stoneware in mass with very low use of glazes, which are replaced by natural colorants. These, in fact, allow to obtain an excellent result both from an aesthetic point of view and in relation to the reduction of colorants from industrial processes.Sichenia reuses all broken tiles and production waste. The output is recycled and added to the base of the product mix. This process does not affect the technical characteristics nor the aesthetics of the tiles, rather it allows for the recovery of otherwise unused materials. The packaging solutions too, which are made for protective purposes (i.e. cardboard, wooden pallets and even plastic casings) are recyclable. Sichenia is part of major national and international organizations (“CONAI”, “INTERSEROH” and “EVA”) committed to the complete recycling of all packaging materials.


Adhesives and sealants are a very dynamic technological field. Thanks to our long established technological know-how we have been among the leaders in creating new applications for adhesives, and expanding the use of adhesive bonding, through increased strength and durability, ease of application, user friendliness and environmental awareness. In Australia, Bostik has over 100 construction adhesive and sealant solutions that are deemed low VOC which is critical for green buildings. VOC values are in line with test methods outlined in US South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1168 which is mostly adopted by Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Bostik is a member of Green Building Council of Australia and has GBCA Green Star Accredited professionals who understand Australian Green building practices and principles including Green Star environmental rating system for buildings.


In order to restrict as much as possible the carbon anhydride emissions in the atmosphere, the company is committed to reduce its energy consumption, to optimize every aspect of the production processes and to increase the self-produced energy portion. Thanks to this commitment, in the recent years Ceramica Sant’Agostino has reduced the CO² emissions by a quantity of 2.600 tons a year, the same CO² quantity absorbed by a wood of 120.00 trees. The importance of environmental certifications, of industrial process, of safety on work and of product quality achieved by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, represent the tangible acknowledgement of the work done to manufacture higher and higher quality products, together with a strong and steady attention to the environment and man, both inside and outside the company. Thanks to an investment policy aimed to emissions control and reduction, the company constantly improves its impact on the environment and on man.